Fair Market Value Assessment



Dipl.-Ing. (graduate engineer) Matthias Brandner works as a proven expert on the determination of fair value of built and unbuilt plots, creating valuation reports according to German Federal Building Code (§ 194 BauGB).

Brandner successfully completed valuation courses at the Berlin Chamber of Architects as well as the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). Adding to these acquirements, he is able to apply his wide experience in both the appraisal of structural damage and the removal of construction defects. Brandner's work as expert on fair market value assessment draws on extensive knowledge in the following areas:


Legal bases

Regional planning and land-use planning

Land law, building law, planning law

Tenancy law, private law

Tax law

Valuation law


Constructional bases

Structural design and statics

Construction ways and methods

Building materials

Standards and technical regulations

Structural damage, construction defects, building ground conditions


Economic bases

Property and real estate market

Capital market, construction market, leasing market

Annuity and interest computation


Valuation methods and practice

Real value methods

Net value methods

Comparative value methods

Factors influencing value

Rent value determination and reports

Fair market value assessment

Valuation from the viwepoint of banks and insurance companies

Residual value and discounted cash flow methods


The remuneration complies with the standards set forth by the German Association of Publicly Certified and Sworn Experts as well as the Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers (German HOAI of 2002).

Shortened surveys are also possible, usable for initial sales or purchase considerations and not requiring a full fee.

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